Kenney Construction has been located and family operated in Contra Costa County since 1987 and was licensed in 1992 with the State of CA holding a general contracting LIC. # 635901 and is certified as a E.P.A. lead renovator # RI-18909-10-00385..

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Jerry and Marcia D.

This is a letter of high recommendation for David Kenney of Kenney Construction. At first I thought I would make my comments short and sweet, but 1 now find it difficult to do so. If 1 were limited to three adjectives describing David and my experience with him they would be: trustworthy, meticulous, and punctual. But I cannot stop there.

First of all, my husband and i did our homework. we obtained bids from six or more contractors. Several just gave us a total figure without a line by line expense breakdown/description for our kitchen and bathroom remodel. These were Diamond Certified companies who expected us to sign a contract tor over $60,000 upon their initial visit! One contractor gave us an uncomfortably low bid and upon deeper investigation we found his experience consisted of having installed a ceiling fan!

Then we found David Kenney, general contractor. We felt comfortable with him from the start. He visited our home several times, looked at our cabinet design plan, asked many questions about the necessary electrical and plumbing changes, Type of hooking, etc. We sensed that lie is a knowledgeable tradesman, not a salesman. After a few days he emailed us a line by line contract describing exactly what he charges and for what. Example: there is a line for cabinet installation with a stated amount per cabinet. David v.’as gracious about mentioning where we could save some money. He said “You can get your own permits, if I do it you’re just paying me for my time”. We pulled our own permits and did our own demolition, which saved us some money.

David and his son, Alan, do all of the work. We loved this about our experience. We would not be comfortable with a parade of various subcontractors and their guys coming in and out of our home. Let me just say that both Alan and David are pleasant, courteous, and hardworking. They arrive when they say they will and don’t quit until they’ve finished their task for the day. My husband and I feel completely comfortable being away from home while they are working. And they were very careful about not letting our pets out from their confinement in the other part of the house!

David was great about suggesting places to go locally to look for tile and granite. He told us which fabricators he has worked with that do a good job. He measured and re-measured before advising us how much tile to buy of each kind.

One of the things I appreciated most was being included in the decisions involved in tackling the “problems” that inevitably pop up during a remodel. Like our laundry room pocket door being out of whack. Did we want to pay for taking it all apart and rehanging it properly, or would it be ok to shave off a piece on one side that would never be noticed?

David and Alan’s attention to detail is wonderful; they are experienced craftsmen, I explained that I wanted our wood-look floor tile to have a random look. I didn’t want to look at it and see an obvious pattern of placement. David was so good about sorting the planks into like piles and then handing them to Alan to set in the “random” way I described. He did the same thing with our backsplash. I was adamant about not being able to see a definite placement pattern of the accent tiles. The guys delivered my vision to a tee!

David estimated our remodel would take five or six weeks. He and Alan finished in four! They came every day and did not juggle us around while doing other jobs.

I really couldn’t ask for anything more positive from this remodel experience, David and Alan came through on every level. I highly recommend them for work on your home. They know their trade and take pride in the outcome of their projects.